Dr. Adam Marshall Shapiro’s appetite and thirst to become a Podiatrist came from observing his grandfather’s painfully debilitating experience. His grandfather made poor health choices which was fueled by diabetes and had robbed him of his golden years. His inability to walk and quality of life was progressively taken away as a result of amputations. It is at that point, Dr. Shapiro decided to become a Podiatrist to make sure this did not happen to anyone else.

Dr. Shapiro graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. During that time, he had a once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad with the noted Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. His belief of eliminating and addressing a person’s suffering was paramount. While visiting communities within South Africa, Brazil, Viet Nam, China, India, Malaysia and Japan, he was provided insights into how one’s lifestyle impacts access to health care for health maintenance, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. During his undergraduate years, Dr. Shapiro also served the community while working in the hospital environment and also as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). While working in a hospital setting as well as an EMT, he was able to work with young and old trauma victims, neurologically unstable patients and the critically ill.

Dr. Adam Shapiro received his DPM from world class: The California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University. While in medical school, Dr. Shapiro volunteered in a Podiatrist’s office and was a Prosector. Dr. Shapiro received multiple scholarships for his outstanding academic performance.

Dr. Shapiro completed his competitive 3 Year Podiatric Residency in Chicago, Illinois at Weiss Memorial Hospital along with its satellite associated off-site facilities. During this time, he worked alongside a large group of talented Podiatric Physicians in their private offices and received extensive training in the repair of acute fractures of the forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot, external fixation, as well as bunion corrections, hammertoe deformity repairs, limb salvage, and plastic surgery.

There is no better way to help others than being a Podiatrist where one gets a chance to make a difference every day. Dr. Shapiro’s Medical School education and Residency training along with the diabetic challenges of Dr. Shapiro’s grandfather, his performance as an EMT, his hospital employment, his volunteering in a Podiatric setting, and his world travels have taken Dr. Shapiro through many cultures to gain a better understanding about Podiatric disease processes, the wins of disease prevention, treatment, and its impact on one’s physical, mental and social well-being. All these experiences, with the commitment to continuous learning about medicine, energize Dr. Shapiro’s enthusiasm to give back to people and plan for future challenges in the world of Podiatric Medicine.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Shapiro’s sports activities include long distance running, snowboarding, basketball and rock climbing. He also enjoys watching the University of Colorado Buffs Basketball and Football teams.