Dr. Cristina Elena Marchis-Crisan served her community in Romania as a nurse for one year before deciding to pursue her career as a medical doctor. While pursuing her medical degree she started visiting under privilege villages surrounding her city; she took an active measure to become involved in treating patients at their houses, knowing they could not afford the respective treatments at the hospital or clinics.

Dr. Marchis-Crisan is a compassionate foot and ankle specialist that emphasizes the importance of covering all aspects of the foot and ankle, from foot pain to large complex deformities that need reconstruction. Her treatment techniques include a high level of function with a positive outcome. She strives to continuously deliver the best possible outcomes and improve quality of life for her patients.

Dr. Marchis-Crisan decided to become a podiatrist after visiting the United States for an externship. She was hosted by a knowledgeable and skillful podiatrist named James Clough, at his private practice in Great Falls, MT. While there, she became intrigued by the complexity of the foot and ankle and how it could help improve pain and alleviate symptoms both through conservative and surgical care. Even though she was a family doctor who passed the boards as a foreign medical doctor graduate and became certified as a physician in the United States. Instead of pursuing a residency program in family medicine, she decided to enroll in the School of Podiatric Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia. At graduation, she received the Dr. Leonard Hymes Graduation award in recognition of the graduating student demonstrating the highest standard in practice management skills.

She completed a strong, three-year surgical residency at White Memorial Medical Center as Chief Resident. Dr. Marchis-Crisan preceded her career as an assistant professor at the College of Podiatric Medicine and surgery as well as the Osteopathic Medicine at Western University in Pomona CA. Dr. Marchis-Crisan joined Jan David Tepper, DPM in March 2015 where she strives to continuously deliver the best possible care in order to improve quality of life for her patients.

Her on-going commitment to stay connected with the community has never forsaken her; she has volunteered her skills and time in helping others in need. In 2013 the county of Los Angeles recognized her dedicated service to the affairs of the community with an award. She also received an award for her caring commitment and excellence from Western University’s Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Marchis-Crisan has published three childrens books that are insightful and educating: BigBigEar and the Wonder Club, Hope in the Land of Injustice, and The King’s Verdict.