6 Reasons You Will Want to See a Podiatrist

by | Sep 28, 2019

We know the real feeling out there: few people really want to go to a podiatrist—or any medical professional, for that matter.

Going means that something could be wrong, and that it will likely need treatment. That makes sense.

But what also makes sense is that, even if you think something might be wrong and don’t go, something is still very likely wrong!

We understand that some of us may need a little encouragement to get the help we deserve for our foot and ankle conditions. The sooner you come in to diagnose and treat a problem, the faster and more efficient the overall experience tends to be!

But humans are often hesitant creatures. Sometimes we wonder if a problem really is worth getting help about, or whether it might just go away on its own.

You should never hesitate to see your friendly neighborhood podiatrist whenever you have questions regarding your feet or ankles, but here are some specific cases that people tend to wonder about. If you or a loved one exhibits any of the problems below, it’s worth coming to see us.

Reasons to See a Podiatrist

You Have Persistent Heel Pain

This is a problem that afflicts many people, but many also don’t seek treatment for it. They tend to believe it’s a part of everyday life, or that there’s nothing that can be done about it. Neither of those ideas is true!

Heel pain has many different causes, from plantar fasciitis to Achilles tendinitis and more. A podiatrist can get to the root of what’s causing the pain and recommend the most direct treatments for handling it.

You Get Ingrown Toenails All the Time

An ingrown toenail once in a great while is usually not much to worry about. You can often take care of them with simple home treatment (although that should not involve cutting into your nail or toe!).

However, if your ingrown toenails keep coming back month after month, that’s a sign that an underlying problem might need to be addressed. Whether that involves a change in footwear or even a minor surgical procedure to remove part of the nail, we can help you find lasting relief.

You Have Diabetes

If you are living with diabetes, you likely already understand how it changes many of your approaches to life. Your approach to foot care should absolutely be one of those changes, as well.

The progression of diabetes can create multiple complications, among which can be the lessening of circulation to the lower limbs and sensation in the feet. As circulation suffers, the rate of healing in the feet can slow as well. This can lead to situations where an injury to the foot goes unfelt and untreated, worsening until it develops into a dangerous ulcer.

If you have diabetes, do not wait until a problem develops. Taking preventative measures now with a podiatrist can be a huge factor toward preventing dire circumstances in the future.

You Have Toenail Fungus (or Even Just Think You Do!)

A fungal toenail infection is a stubborn, embarrassing condition. Crumbly, thick, discolored nails never look good in any situation, and can sometimes even become painful if the fungus starts forcing the nail away from the nail bed.

The sooner you begin treatment for fungal nails, the better the odds of great results. That said, waiting until things start looking rough can be waiting much longer than you have to!

Everyone has the image of nasty fungal nails in their heads, but an infection doesn’t look like that when it’s just starting out. It often looks like a small, white spot or streaks instead. This is hard to catch, since that can look relatively normal.

However, keep an eye on those you find. If they don’t fade after several days or even grow larger, you should give us a call. Catching a toenail fungus at this stage makes the whole treatment mission so much easier!

You Have a Bunion or Other Toe Deformity

Some people have bunions that don’t cause them any trouble, and that’s good! (We still recommend you come see us to help prevent it from becoming worse, though.)

If you have a bunion that is hurting you, however, it is a situation similar to heel pain: there’s no reason to wait for help!

If you are afraid that surgery is the only option for your bunion, don’t be. In a great many cases, significant comfort can be reclaimed with conservative methods alone. We do not consider surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.

Wrapped Foot

You Believe You Have a Sprain or Broken Bone

For any sort of painful sports injury to the feet and ankles, we are here to help!

While a general physician may have a… well, general knowledge of the area, podiatrists are trained specifically in the structure of the feet and ankles. That’s a lot of bones, muscles, ligaments, and other moving parts!

Even if you feel your sprain is minor, it can still be worth giving us a call for advice. Knowing your history of sprains and ankle injuries can be helpful if your ankle starts causing you further trouble down the road.

Help for All Foot and Ankle Matters

We can’t stress this enough: just because you don’t see something on this list does not mean it isn’t something worth checking out. If and whenever you have concerns of a podiatric nature, our Family Foot & Ankle Center is here to serve you!

Give us a call at (909) 920-0884 to schedule an appointment at our Upland office, or fill out our online contact form if you prefer to reach us electronically instead.


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