Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS)

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Many people walk with pain because they are not aware of the new surgical procedures that will help them. The truth is that many people who suffer from painful ingrown toenails, bunions, and hammertoes are unnecessarily forced to curtail their activities. Sadly, they forego exercise, social plans with their family members and friends, and sometimes give up stimulating jobs in favor of desk work.

Now, with the ease of today’s procedures, patients no longer have be afraid that a surgical foot procedure will put them out of commission, make them bedridden, or chew up sick leave.

Your Aunt Didn’t Tell You the Truth About Foot Surgery

If you’re like most people, your fears about foot surgery probably came from your aunt or your mother. Then, it was true that she experienced pain and needed weeks of bed rest after surgery. The picture is very different today.

Although podiatric medical schools were established around the turn of the century, podiatrists have been caring for people’s feet for over two hundred years. Now, podiatric training requirements are similar to those for medical school. Dr. Tepper has received a four-year podiatric medical degree. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics.

Just like other surgeons, podiatrists use the latest techniques and surgical procedures. In fact, modern technology has revolutionized the field of surgery and has given pioneering foot surgeons an opportunity to develop procedures that have made surgery significantly easier for patients.

New In-Office Surgery For Ingrown Toenails, Bunions and Hammertoes

  • Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS): With the use of specially-designed instruments, Dr. Tepper can now perform an entire surgical procedure on your foot through a very small opening. MIS is just one example of the convenient and comfortable in-office procedures used to surgically treat painful hammertoes, bunions, heel spurs, and corns. Although not every foot condition can be corrected with MIS, patients who are candidates can expect:
    • To be able to walk right after surgery
    • Few or no stitches
    • No casts or crutches
    • Less pain
    • Less cost
  • Laser Surgery: A laser is a device that generates a concentrated beam of light. Because nothing travels faster than light in empty space, the laser is best known for its precision. For over a decade, laser surgery has been reducing the pain, risk, and recovery time of many surgical procedures in a wide range of medical specialties: ophthalmology, gynecology, cardiology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and podiatry. Warts, ingrown toenails, some skin lesions, scars, and fungus nails are some of the conditions which are ideal for in-office laser surgery.
minimal incision surgery

When to Consider Surgery

In the past, podiatrist recommended surgery only when all other options failed. Now, because of the ease of new procedures, expert surgeons like Dr. Tepper know that early surgical intervention often reduces the need for more comprehensive surgery later on. You will want to consider surgery if you encounter any of the following:

  • Your physician has recommended foot surgery
  • You have a family history of bunions, hammertoes, or ingrown toenails
  • Conventional methods of treatment have failed
  • You have lost time from work because of foot pain
  • You have ankle, leg, or back pain caused by foot deformities
  • You no longer want to walk with pain

You’ll Walk Right After Surgery

Most people recover from bunion and hammertoe surgery quickly, returning to limited activity within days. Patients frequently remark that the procedure and recovery were much more comfortable than they imagined.

You will be able to walk immediately after surgery, wearing a surgical shoe. If you have had bunion or hammertoe surgery, you may return to work within a few days, if your job does not require standing or frequent walking. Patients who have had ingrown toenail surgery may return to work the same day. There is no pain during surgery, and you may be given a medication to decrease inflammation after surgery.

    When You Need Dr. Tepper’s Help

    Dr. Jan D. Tepper is an expert podiatric physician and surgeon specializing in modern surgical techniques for the correction of bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails and other foot problems. His office contains the modern equipment necessary to perform the latest in-office procedures, including laser surgery.


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